• Anti-inflammatory foods and depression

    We do not advocate the standard Australian Diet (apropriately called SAD) However when It comes to reducing Inflammation here are a few points to consider.As a report from the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases reported

    While today’s modern diet may provide beneficial protection from micro- and macronutrient deficiencies, our over abundance of calories and the macronutrients that compose our diet may all lead to increased inflammation, reduced control of infection, increased rates of cancer, and increased risk for allergic and auto-inflammatory disease. 

    Here  is a list of our top pics of anti-inflammatory foods. No surprise there they are all pant based.




    1. Green leafy vegetables

    2. brocoli

    3. blueberries

    4. ginger

    5. Turmeric

    6. beetroot

    7. Pineapples

    8. Flaxseed

    9. Walnut

    10. Papaya








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