From Plant to Plate is more than a cookbook; it's an introduction to a healthier way to eat. In addition to delicious vegan recipes, we've included cooking videos, nutritional information, practical tips, simple vegan food substitutions, and even a meal planner. It's everything a busy person needs to prepare healthy, plant-based meals. And for those who need help with vegan cooking, we've included QR codes to short how-to cooking videos to show you how. This cookbook was designed to make your transition to a plant based diet as easy as possible. Inside you'll discover: •Over 125 delicious vegan recipes including: French toast, overnight chia-oat pudding, Asian tofu fajitas, Kenyan beans and rice, vegetable pot pie, Thai curry soup, garlicky potato and white bean mash, raw German-chocolate cheesecake, citrus cream biscuits, and spiced pumpkin pie. •Color photos with simple instructions that make food preparation quick and easy. •Nutritional information for each recipe. •QR codes with each recipe linking you to free how-to cooking videos. •Practical tips for switching to a vegan diet. •Plant-based kitchen essentials. •A 21-day vegan challenge. •The relationship between diet and other healthy lifestyle factors. And much more... From Plant to Plate was developed by Tami Bivens, a registered dietician, together with the experts at Life and Health Network, a non-profit group of medical doctors and staff who believe that good lifestyle choices are the first step to good health. We've compiled everything you need to begin cooking easy-to-prepare, plant-based meals. 


Everything you need to know to begin cooking a plant-based diet. Eating Healthy has never been easier or tastier. 

Created with freshness, simplicity, and overall wellness in mind, the 100-plus vegan recipes, corresponding cooking videos, and answers to dietary questions were created to help you transform your health for the long term, starting now. 

Also includes: 

  • Short cooking videos accompanying nearly every recipe
  • Tips on stocking a kitchen with the best ingredients and tools for vegan cooking
  • 21-day meal plan to kick-start your own plant-based lifestyle
From Plant to Plate
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